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One Time Service Fee
Montana LLC Registration, First Vehicle Registration & Title

This service includes statutory agency for the first calendar year, generating your articles of organization, filing your articles with the Secretary of State, filing fees and the creation of your operating agreement. We will generate all of your legal documentation, prepare the registration package, submit your package for registration and license plates and ship to wherever you would like. License plate fees are additional. Please call for a license plate fee quote.

Licensing Fees (Motor Homes) Plus Shipping

2014 – 20151

$ 351.00

2011 – 2013

$ 293.00

2008 – 2010

$ 196.00

2007 or older

$ 161.00
If your motor home is 11 years or older you may qualify for a permanent license plate.
Licensing Fees (Permanent License Plates) Plus Shipping

5th Wheel and Travel Trailers

$ 216.00

Cargo and Toy Hauler Trailers

$ 212.00
Private Mail Box (Optional)
$ 35.00
Additional Vehicle Registration
$ 150.00 each
Annual Service Fees
Limited Liability Company Annual Renewal
$ 125.00
Annual company renewals are due each January and cover the maintenance of your registered agent account with us, the generation of the company annual report, filing and filing fees.
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