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Frequently Asked Questions about RV Services

What do the New Horizon RV services cost??

Is financing different if I purchase my RV with an LLC?

  • Yes. Not all lending institutions will process loans for an LLC that purchases a personal vehicle like a motorhome or travel trailer. These loans are hybrids of commercial and consumer loans so you will want a lender that understands how it works. Click here for a finance lead (RV Financing 1-800-846-2204)

Is there an advantage to using a national insurance brokerage versus my local agent?

  • National brokerages can often provide broader solutions that are tailored to your RV needs. Also, they allow for writing the policy using your company address which provides a more consistent legal paper trail.

How long will take to receive my Montana title?

  • It typically takes between 2 and 4 weeks but can take as much as 8 weeks depending on State workloads.

Can I include both my name and my company's name on the title?

  • Not unless you can meet Montana State residency requirements. Requirements include showing documentation that you live in the State, e.g. utility bill, phone bills, etc.

When I decide to sell my RV is transferring the title to the new buyer different given it is owned by a Montana LLC?

  • You would transfer it the same way as if it were in your personal name. You will show your company name as seller and sign as a member of manager for both the title and odometer statement. The buyer could ask for a copy of your articles of organization.

How can New Horizon help me save on significant sales tax expenses?

  • Call us at 800-846-2204 and our specialist will guide you through the payment options and processing steps. There is no obligation until you have signed your agreement.
  • You can begin your order online.
  • Payment options include check by mail, credit card by phone or secure online processing.

How does the New Horizon service work to save me taxes?

  • Sales tax liability is based on the residential address of the buyer.
  • New Horizon will establish a Montana limited liability company that you wholly own.
  • We will then show you how to have your Montana company take delivery and ownership of your RV thereby transferring tax liability to Montana where there is no sales tax.
  • You will own 100% of the company.
  • Montana has no vehicle inspections. You are never required to visit Montana.
  • Outside of Montana, each state has statutes that dictate when an out of state vehicle is required to register in that home state. If you meet the conditions of your state you are not required to register in your home state.

What are the steps for starting my company and registering my RV?

  • Make payment by credit card or check.
  • We will send you a service agreement for your signature and to find out what company name you would like, who will own the company, who might operate the vehicle and lender contact information, if applicable. You then just fax it back to us.
  • We will then generate and file articles of organization for your new company with the Montana Secretary of State.
  • The Secretary of State will respond in writing within 48 business hours.
  • We will then notify you in writing that your company is a legal Montana entity. We will also confirm your company address and outline the final steps for vehicle registration.
  • You will send us the vehicle title and odometer statements along with permission for registration. We will ship your license plates the same day we receive your registration documents, Monday thru Friday.
  • We also send you a bound company portfolio with a copy of all your company documents.
  • Last, we will ship you the Montana title.

How long does it take for vehicle registration??

  • From the moment we receive your registration documents for your RV or Motor Home, you will receive your license plates in 2 to 3 business days.
  • We use the Postal Service’s Express Mail.
  • You can order expedited service for an additional fee.

How are license plates shipped to me for my trailer or motorhome??

  • We us the Postal Service’s Express Mail product for shipping. It takes 2-3 business days to arrive.

How much are registration fees for a travel trailer or motor home??

  • RV License fees are determined based on the year of the RV / travel trailer / motorhome.
  • The cost of licensing can be as low as $161, and is no higher then $351.

Will my name be on the vehicle registration??

  • No, your company name will be the listed owner.
  • We provide a Resolution to Operate as part of your service. This document authorizes you to operate the vehicle. If you are pulled over it will serve as notice to the officer that you are able to operate the vehicle.
  • The Resolution to Operate is included with your company portfolio and provides you with authorization to operate your RV.

Are there any additional costs required??

  • No. Any additional costs are optional, such as expedited service or additional vehicles.

Is eliminating RV sales tax in my state legal??

  • Conditions vary from state to state, but virtually every state's statutes make this opportunity legal.
  • It is important that you rely on your legal counsel to determine specific requirements. A New Horizon attorney will be happy to speak to you.

Is it legal to register a vehicle in a Montana limited liability company??

  • Absolutely.
  • If you meet your State's conditions this is a completely legal arrangement.
  • Literally thousands of happy customers have taken advantage of this unique, legal opportunity.
  • We always recommend that our prospective customers contact a local attorney to further develop a sense of comfort.

What records do I need to keep and what state agency do I need to report to??

  • New Horizon is not aware of any state programs for verification.
  • We recommend that you keep your receipts while traveling as further evidence of meeting your statutory requirements.

Can I speak to an attorney??

  • Yes, you can call toll free 1-800-846-2204 and speak to an attorney.

Can I have my attorney contact New Horizon??

  • Just ask your attorney to call 1-800-846-2204.
  • We are happy to help you make an informed decision regarding RV sales tax.

How do I select a company name??

  • When you sign your Service Agreement we ask for two names. Each choice should include two words to avoid rejection by the State, e.g. RV Happiness, LLC.

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